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Improve your performance, prevent injury.

Our specialised sports physiotherapists at Perform apply the latest scientific research and their expert sports physiotherapy knowledge to assess your bike fitness.

Cycling performance is the interaction between the cyclist and the bike. When striving to optimise your performance it is essential to address both the bike and body together, whatever your level. Body position while riding can affect ability, efficiency and also influence injury.

Scientific research shows that:
• cyclists commonly train with pain¹
• the most common injuries occur to the knee, lower back², ³, and neck⁴
• a poor lower back position whilst cycling is significantly related to developing lower back pain⁵, ⁶
• a specific strength training programme completed twice a week will improve your cycling performance.⁷

Whether you have an ongoing injury or simply want to prevent one in the future, our specialist physiotherapists have the skills and expertise to assess your bike and body fit together as one package.  2D analysis will be used to examine your biomechanics, on and off the bike, assessing your joint angles, muscle strength and length, movement control and comfort.  Appropriate alterations to your bike set up will be made and an individualised exercise programme provided, optimising the efficiency of your pedal stroke.

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