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For patients requesting data in addition to medical records

Under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) you have the right to access your personal data as you are entitled to be informed of any information Spire Healthcare is processing about you, and subject to certain exemptions and as far as reasonably practical to receive a copy of that information. Such requests to Spire Healthcare must be made in writing and whenever possible using the application form detailed in the sections below, satisfying the conditions required (eg. providing proof of identification).

Spire Healthcare is not permitted to disclose any information which identifies another person unless that person agrees or if it is reasonable to override refusal of consent. If you think that the information you want identifies someone else, you may wish to obtain written permission for the release of their information and enclose it with your completed application form.

If you are requesting the personal information of another individual person on their behalf, you will be required to provide us with satisfactory proof that you have the individual’s authority to act on their behalf.

Please complete this form if you require medical records plus any other personal data or if you are only requesting personal data that is not medical records.

If you are requesting patient medical records only, please do not complete this form. Any request for patient medical records must be addressed to the hospital at which you received medical treatment.

What information would you like to request?

Requester details


The information requested below is to help satisfy your identity and to find any personal data held about you.

Are you making a request for personal data on behalf of someone?

Please fill out the details of the person who's personal data is being requested.

Requesting personal data on behalf of someone else

Please fill out the details of the person who's personal data is being requested.


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