Feel safe with Spire during COVID-19

Expert care every step of the way

Alongside our continued support for the NHS, we’re once again offering selected treatments to our private patients.

The COVID-19 pandemic means life has changed for us all and we’re aware that you may have some concerns about coming into hospital. It’s okay to feel this way and, with this in mind, we’re pleased to say that we are implementing a series of safety measures to help protect our patients and colleagues from the potential risk of COVID-19.

A few key things we’re doing to help minimise the potential risk in our hospitals and help you feel safe include:

  • Screening – all patients, visitors and colleagues will be screened at the entrances of all sites. We’ll be checking temperature and for any key symptoms of COVID-19
  • Our colleagues are regularly tested for COVID-19 and wear appropriate PPE
  • We’ve created ‘patient pathway journeys’ for your visit, with clear signage throughout our hospitals to help guide you on your allocated journey
  • We are asking everyone who attends our site to abide by our policy on social distancing – please ensure that you stand or sit a minimum of two metres apart       

Your patient pathway

When you come into a Spire hospital we want you to feel as relaxed as possible – every step of the way. To support this, we are introducing a process called ‘patient pathways’; this means you’ll be allocated a clear journey to guide you through your hospital visit based on what you’ve done ahead of the appointment, and depending on your reason to visit. We’ve developed three patient pathways – Red, Amber and Green:

Red path
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The Red pathway is for patients in outpatients including imaging or Bupa health clinics, who will not need to isolate, won’t have a COVID-19 swab taken but will be asymptomatic on arrival.


Amber path
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The Amber pathway is for patients who are clinically vulnerable – for example those who are undergoing treatment for cancer, coming in for pre-operative assessment.

Green path
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The Green pathway is for patients undergoing surgery – inpatients and day case – who have isolated before their procedure and tested negative for COVID-19.

Your visit

We’re confident that these pathways will help create a secure, protective environment so everyone feels more confident about coming into and working in our hospitals.

1. Your appointment

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Search our consultants online

You can use our consultant search tool to find a consultant that best matches your needs. 

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See a specialist without leaving your home

Where possible our experts will conduct initial consultations virtually so you don’t have to attend a hospital, but when it’s absolutely necessary face to face consultations can also be made available.  

2. Preparing for your visit

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Pre-op assessment

All of our surgical inpatients will have a pre-op assessment to prepare you for your operation. For advice on ways you can improve your health before your procedure, take a look at our remaining well guide.

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Prior to undergoing surgery you may be instructed to isolate for a period of time and will undergo a COVID-19 swab test. For more details on how you can best prepare for your operation please read the relevant guide:

3. During your visit

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Staff PPE and testing

To keep everyone safe in our hospitals, all Spire staff will receive regular COVID-19 testing and wear PPE.

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Patient PPE and testing

On arrival you’ll be met by a member of the Spire team who will take your temperature and give you your own mask to wear in the hospital.

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Social distancing

Our hospitals have been specially adapted to ensure appropriate distancing. This includes clear signage and a one-way system throughout.

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Private room

All patients will have their own individual room with an en-suite bathroom.

4. After your visit

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Patients will receive post-operative care information and any consultant follow-up required – delivered either face to face or virtually.

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A 24/7 helpline is available to provide post-operative advice, whenever you need it.