Heart treatments

Your heart is in our hands. To us, there is no greater trust and we take caring for it very seriously.

The heart is the engine of our bodies, pumping nutrient and oxygen rich blood to every cell. The constant demands we make on it can lead to disease. We offer a range of procedures and have dedicated, specialist cardiology teams to help keep your heart running as it should.

Ablation of arrhythmia

Uses radio frequency energy to correct an abnormal heart rhythm.

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Blood clot or thrombosis test

Tests to assess whether your blood is clotting correctly.

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Blood pressure test

Measuring the pressure inside your arteries as your heart pumps blood.

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Blood tests for heart disease risk (cardiac testing)

A simple test to assess your heart health.

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Cardiac catheterisation

An X-ray of your heart's arteries to help make an accurate diagnosis.

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Cardiac electrophysiology

Heart rhythm problems come in a variety of forms and treatments vary.

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Controlled electric shock to reset your heart's normal rhythm.

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Carotid artery disease

The carotid artery can be opened up to clear blockages and narrowing.

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Cholesterol level test

Check your level of risk in developing a range of health problems.

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Coronary angioplasty

Widen blocked or narrow arteries for angina or following a heart attack.

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Coronary artery bypass surgery (heart bypass)

Replaces blocked heart veins to improve blood flow and oxygen supply.

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Heart valve replacement

Replaces a diseased valve with a new one to reduce angina-related pain.

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Pacemaker implantation

A common procedure which helps regulate your heartbeat.

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Patent foramen ovale (hole in the heart) closure

Minimally invasive surgery to close a ‘hole in the heart’.

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Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing

A test to measure the function of heart and lungs during exercise.

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Dobutamine stress echo cardiogram

Cardiac ultrasound scan to assess the response of your heart to stress.

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Measures the electrical activity of your heart to detect abnormalities.

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Zio® XT Patch - heart rhythm monitor

A 14 day cardiac rhythm monitor with Zio XT Patch.

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Is heart surgery and treatment for you?

Heart problems can affect anyone at almost any age. They can be caused by a natural defect, genes or an unhealthy lifestyle. For many people, heart surgery provides relief from symptoms such as breathlessness and a lack of energy – giving them the chance to enjoy a fuller life. We provide the highest quality specialist care – from the first moment you are in touch with us through to the completion of your treatment and aftercare. Whether you use private medical insurance or you’re paying for treatment yourself, we provide expert heart care for everyone.

Why choose Spire for heart surgery or treatment?

We provide specialist heart care from expert, caring surgeons. All of our cardiac surgeons and cardiologists are among the best in their field. To be part of our cardiology team, our consultant cardiac surgeons, cardiologists and specialist clinical staff must be at the top of their profession. We chose our heart surgeons on their proven expertise in complex cardiac surgery and their chosen sub-speciality, their dedication to what they do and their skill to meet our stringent requirements. With Spire, you can choose your own expert cardiac consultant and they, along with a specialist nursing support team, will be with you every step of the way. You’ll be treated in an immaculate, modern, well-equipped hospital where care will be shaped around you. You can choose the treatment time and hospital that suits you – without having to wait.

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