One-stop breast clinic

Spire Murrayfield Hospital offers prompt diagnosis and assessment of changes you may notice in your breasts that are not normal for you.

Our one-stop breast clinics run every Tuesday afternoon, Thursday evening and every second Saturday morning. You may be at your appointment for 1-3 hours depending on whether you need to have any diagnostic tests.

Call us to book 0131 316 2507

If you've noticed a breast lump or changes to your breast which cause concern we can arrange a consultation with a breast specialist for you. Our team of specialists, including two breast clinical nurse specialists, work together to help give you a diagnosis with minimal waiting for results. 

Whatever your concern, we aim to offer continuous and seamless care to achieve the best and most effective medical care for you.

What we offer at the one-stop clinic

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Consultation with a Consultant Breast Surgeon

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Investigation with same-day breast imaging if needed

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Treatment advice to discuss results with the consultant

Why choose the one-stop breast care clinic?

  • Initial consultation with the consultant of your choice
  • Expert physical examination
  • Mammography and/or ultrasound as per the consultant's request
  • Same day results for your peace of mind
  • Biopsy, if needed
  • Clear pricing with no hidden costs
  • A supportive multidisciplinary team

The consultants who specialise in breast care at Spire Murrayfield Hospital are:

Self–funding guide prices

Our self–funding prices are tailored to your individual needs and may depend on the diagnostic tests recommended by your consultant.

  • Consultation with a breast specialist - guide price £150 to £200

Your consultant will be able to refer you for a mammogram or breast ultrasound at this appointment, if needed.

  • Mammogram - £149 to £295
  • Breast ultrasound £349 to £695

If any further tests are advised by the consultant such as a biopsy, these would be charged in addition.

  • Biopsy - £449

Book an appointment

Call us on 0131 316 2507 today. Our friendly team will talk you through the service and available options.

Some of our consultants will accept a self-referral. Call us to book an appointment if you'd like to self-refer.

Without a GP referral letter, the consultant will not have access to your medical history.