How long will my first appointment last?

Your first appointment will last approximately 45 minutes.

How much will it cost?

Prices vary depending on what type of treatment you are having. 

Can you provide physio for children?

Yes, we can treat children. If the patient is under 16 an adult has to be present at the initial appointment and all subsequent follow-up physiotherapy sessions. If the patient is between 16-18 years, an adult has to be present at the initial physiotherapy appointment only.

Can I use my insurance to pay for physiotherapy treatment?

Yes, we are registered with all insurance companies. Prior to commencing treatment you will need to contact your insurance company and go through a preauthorisation screening for treatment. Following this you will be given an authorisation number and this should be brought to your initial appointment. Your insurance company will also tell you how many sessions they will fund. It is your responsibility not to go over the limit set by your insurance company. If you need any sessions outwith what the insurance company will fund, you can self-fund the additional session via debit card or credit card.

I have an excess, does this need to be paid in advance?

No, we advise the patient to wait until they receive a letter from Spire advising the excess is due.

Do I need to have insurance in order to attend your clinic?

No, we accept self-paying patients. 

Can I get a medical loan to pay for my treatment?

Paying for private treatment is simple. If you don’t have private medical insurance you can self-fund or take advantage of interest free finance or an interest bearing loan, so you don’t have to wait for treatment. For further information and procedure prices contact our Self Pay team on 0131 316 2507.

Will I be charged for any missed appointments?

You may be charged for your appointment if you fail to cancel less than 24 hours before the appointment is due.

What should I wear? 

For all, preferably comfortable clothes ie shorts, loose fitting bottoms, t-shirt etc. For ladies, depending on which area is being treated it would be advisable to wear a bra as you may be asked to remove your top if your problem area is around your neck/shoulder. We have both male and female therapists, and can provide a chaperone if you wish.

Are there shower facilities?

Yes, we have shower facilities at Shawfair. 

Is there free car parking?

Yes, we have free car parking.