The award was earned following a day-long assessment, which measured the department’s ability to demonstrate that it is welcoming and accessible to all, respectful of people's privacy and dignity, supportive to user comfort and well-being, giving choice and control to people using our service, and listening to the voice of the user.

The award assessment is measured on a 1-5 scale, 5 being ‘exemplary’. Spire Murrayfield’s ODCC scored 5 in every category. 

The MQEM award is the second round of recognition from Macmillan to the hospital’s oncology unit. Speaking about the award, Deborah Scott (Spire's Head of Clinical Cancer Services) said:

"We are delighted with the Quality Environment Mark awarded by Macmillan. Our patients are our first priority; we strive to make their experience with us as positive as possible, so it’s fantastic to receive recognition for the hard work and care provided by our staff and the hospital.”

Macmillan Cancer Support offers advice and support on an ongoing basis to enable us to continuously improve the physical environment within which people access the service.

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