Scans and investigations

We provide fast access to a wide range of diagnostic tests and scans across our hospitals. We use the latest technology and techniques wherever possible, including MRI, CT, X-ray and ultrasound, to get the best outcome for you.

Why choose Spire for your diagnostic tests?

We're always investing in our equipment including our MRI and CT scanners and X-ray machines. The latest technologies take less time to complete scans, meaning we can see more patients. We’ve invested in wider scanners and machines that provide a more calming environment to make the experience more comfortable. Some of our latest CT scanners have technology to use lower radiation doses.

Booking your scans or tests with Spire can provide an early warning of health problems, help your doctor to identify and monitor conditions or rule them out. Once you’ve had your test, an expert member of Spire’s team can provide a diagnosis and advise on the most appropriate treatment if this is necessary.

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