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We offer fixed, inclusive care packages* once your procedure has been confirmed. Your package will include everything you need from admission through to discharge and any aftercare needed. If you need an outpatient appointment, this will be a separate cost. You’ll find guide prices for many of our treatments and diagnostic tests. Our self-pay team can answer any questions you have on pricing and help you with booking an appointment. Call on 0121 580 7119.

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We offer a wide range of diagnostic tests and treatments including:

Bones and joints

Immediate access to specialist orthopaedic consultants

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Eye conditions

Our eye specialists can treat conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts and eye infections.

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Men's health

Our urologists treat a variety of men's health conditions such as prostate, bladder and erectile conditions.

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Women's health

Fast access to gynaecological investigations and treatments

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Hip and knee pain information event 11 Oct, 6-7pm

Learn about the common causes of pain and available treatments.

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*Self-pay, fixed price packages are subject to the Spire Healthcare patient terms and conditions