Private GP services

Need an appointment with a GP to fit in with your schedule or just want to have a chat about a few problems that have been bothering you?

List of our GPs

At Spire GP we provide quick and easy access to private GP services - when you need it. There are a range of Spire GP appointment times available now for both adults and children.

At Spire GP we offer:

  • Advice and support for your healthcare needs
  • Appointment times to suit you
  • Easy access to Spire Healthcare’s network of specialists
  • Modern, private healthcare settings
  • Private prescriptions and referrals for further investigations if needed
  • Time to discuss your concerns with an experienced GP who is on GMC GP Register.


30 minute consultation: £90

Call now on 0121 514 7047 to book an appointment.

Our expert team

Spire Little Aston offers a private GP service which means you can get an appointment at one of our available clinics, and have sufficient time to talk about your problems with an experienced, local GP. Clinics and treatments are provided in a relaxed and professional environment by experienced GPs offering independent expert advice. Based at Spire Little Aston Hospital, the Spire GP service also offers easy access to diagnostic assessments such as MRI, ultrasound, cardiac testing and a range of blood tests and investigations to aid diagnosis. General Practitioners in Spire GP are a team of well motivated and enthusiastic GPs aiming to provide high quality patient centred care. The team is fully registered with the General Medical Council and undertakes regular annual appraisals through the NHS national appraisal system. They are fully insured to undertake clinical duties by an approved Defence Union. This service is not aimed at patients requiring emergency treatment. In this case patients should contact either their own GP or their local Accident and Emergency hospital. Spire Little Aston Hospital also reserves the right to decline a patient appointment and to decline appointments for those patients with dependencies.


Why should I go private?

Our private GP service gives you the flexibility of a longer appointment and clinics running in the evenings. You will see an experienced local GP, who will undertake a 30 minute consultation, in a service which is discrete and confidential, and provided in relaxed but professional environment. Our highly motivated, enthusiastic and experienced local GPs are committed to providing exemplary care focused on you and your health requirements.

When can I be seen?

We offer appointments at Spire Little Aston on the weekend and evenings during the week. Please call us on 0121 514 7047 for further information.


How long are the appointments?

Appointment times are 30 minutes allowing you time to discuss your health issues and concerns.

How much does a consultation cost?

An initial 30 minute consultation costs £90.


Will my insurer cover the cost of the consultation?

It is worth checking with your health insurance provider, as an increasing number of providers will cover the cost of medical investigations, although an authorisation code will be required from your insurer.


How do I pay?

Payment will be taken on the day via a debit or credit card, cash or cheque. You will be asked for your credit card details when you book the appointment.

How do I book an appointment?

Call us today on 0121 514 7047.

What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?

If you need to cancel an appointment, please let us know as soon as possible, on 0121 514 7047. Appointments that are either not attended, or cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time (and which cannot be rescheduled), will incur the full charge.

Do I need to provide my NHS notes?

No, this is not required. We request that prior to your first consultation, you complete a health questionnaire, which can be sent to you prior to your appointment or completed at your appointment.


Will my NHS GP be informed about my consultation?

Your consultation will remain confidential with us, but depending on your wishes, we can share this information with your NHS GP, with your consent. This can be discussed at your appointment. It is important to note that seeing a private GP will not affect the relationship with your own NHS GP. Your consultation will take place in a secure room within hospital grounds, and all your information will be held securely with advanced computer security. Information will only be divulged with your specific consent.


What tests do you have access to?

If clinically appropriate, your GP may request some blood tests. We also have access to a range of diagnostic tests such as ECG and hearing tests, which we can arrange for you. In addition, we can organise MRI scans, CT, Ultrasound and x-rays as clinically indicated.


What about prescriptions?

We will provide private prescriptions, rather than an NHS prescription. This means you will pay for the cost of the drug, and the chemist’s dispensing fee. This is unlikely to be significantly more than an NHS prescription cost, and in some cases, is less. These can be dispensed at the Spire Little Aston in-house pharmacy or at any community pharmacy. The pharmacy at Spire Little Aston Hospital is open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 1pm on Saturdays.


What about onward referral?

If the GP feels that referral is required for further tests or specialist care, you will have access to an extensive list of consultants including specialists in Cardiology, Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, General Surgery, Gastroenterology, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) and Ophthalmology. This can be arranged at Spire Little Aston Hospital for your convenience. If you have private medical insurance you will need to check with your insurer that you are covered for the cost of these tests or treatment. Alternativelyif you are paying for yourself, please ensure you have provided us with an appropriate card for taking payment.

Can you refer me to NHS services rather than private speciality clinics?

We do not usually have access to NHS services, with the exception of some services such as Accident & Emergency.

What about emergency treatment?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer emergency treatment. For patients requiring emergency treatment, please contact your own GP, NHS 111, or your local Accident & Emergency department.