After suffering from a workplace accident 18 years ago, Mrs Mary Murphy began struggling with her daily routine. Unfortunately, back surgery only exacerbated the pain she was having and eventually she decided enough was enough and came to see Dr Rajesh Menon.

“18 years ago I had a workplace accident and damaged my back. I was operated on but not successfully (and) unfortunately, I was left in a large amount of pain. I did manage to return to work, however, I was taking painkillers to manage my condition.

“As time went on my pain increased and I was told this was because I had scar tissue in the location where I had surgery. By this time the painkillers had stopped working and my health took a turn. I started having painful turns, often resulting in me falling over. It was at this time I realised I needed pain management injections in the damaged area.

“Dr Menon has been great in helping me manage my condition. The last few injections I have had have been even more effective than ever - I manage to go over six month’s pain-free. It does help me with my quality of life.

“In regards to my experience with Doctor Menon, never have I met a doctor like him. He is so understanding, I can’t say enough great things about him. My overall hospital experience was good, I felt looked after every step of the way. I couldn’t complain about anything. I’m so relieved and pleased about everything, it truly is a great service. This has been the first year in a long time where I had a good Christmas and it’s all because of this.

“My only pleasure in life is being able to walk my little dog ‘Bebe’ and because of the injections, I get to walk her every day now. When you’re living on your own, independence is everything and thankfully these injections have allowed me to continue to have this.”

Meet the consultant 

Dr Rajesh Menon is a Anaesthetist and Pain Management Consultant. Dr Menon is a great advocate in the holistic approach of pain management - one that focuses not only on pain relief, but also on the functional and emotional wellbeing of the patient. He believes in patient empowerment through patient education and believes clinical consultation to be a partnership based on effective communication and collaboration between the patient and the doctor.

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