For 16+ months I have been suffering from severe diarrhoea. Some days I could open my bowels up to 15 times a day. In the months before my diagnosis everyday activities such as working, shopping, travelling, exercising, visiting friends and going out to dinner were all affected. I couldn't even walk my dog to the local park! My only thoughts were being near a toilet 24/7.

The frequency, severity and unpredictability of my bowel movements simply meant everyday tasks were out of bounds! On many occasions I have been bowel incontinent, this was probably the most distressing time of all. I was a prisoner to the loo!

For all of this time I had been visiting my GP surgery with my issues and had been diagnosed with nothing except a bout of Campylobacter, this was cleared up with antibiotics.

My problems were assigned to about every possible excuse including - stress, diet, blood pressure tablets, inflammation of the bowel, IBS and I had even been told there is nothing wrong with me! To believe something so severe and horrendous is 'all in your head' was mortifying.

I was finally advised to go for a colonoscopy. This is when I decided to use the health insurance provided by my employer.

I was referred privately and this is when an appointment with Dr Vani was arranged at Methley Park Hospital in Leeds.

From my very first consultation Dr Vani gave me the reassurance and confidence he was going to help me and from that moment I didn't have any doubt!

I had a colonoscopy, ultrasound scan and then bile acid study. The results were back and Dr Vani diagnosed me with bile acid malabsorption. Dr Vani went over and above to arrange medication for me before I went on annual leave. This was very much appreciated.

Dr Vani is absolutely the most competent, helpful, pleasant, medically knowledgeable specialist/doctor I have ever met. His professionalism and service is second to none and is highly recommended. All this combined with his fantastic personality made me feel totally reassured and at ease under his care.

I cannot thank him enough as he has genuinely changed my life. I wanted to express my feelings and I hope his wonderful work goes on to help others like he has me.

Miss K O’Reilly

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