Since early 1990, Diane Holbrook has struggled with her back pain. After undergoing a discectomy in 1991 the pain became significantly worse. Over a period of time it became more noticeable and eventually Ms Holbrook came to see Spire Elland consultant, Dr Rajesh Menon.

“A few years ago I started getting more pain in my back than what was normal. I found it harder to walk and it felt heavier on my right side. In the 90’s I had two procedures because I could barely walk. The issue remained that the pain was still there and was becoming notably worse as time went on.

“Eventually I realized I wouldn’t be able to walk ‘normally’ again which changed my life. I had to give up work, which at 45 years old is a shock. Since I left work my condition only went downhill.

“I had a spinal fusion after this and lots of physiotherapy in an attempt to get me walking again, but still the pain was there. Before I had my spinal fusion the consultant made me aware that I couldn’t feel the floor correctly. It was at this point my GP referred me to Spire Elland.

“I came to see Dr Menon who is a very clever and helpful man. He gave me a clear understanding of possible treatments and reassured me that he would be able to help with the pain.

“The procedure itself was fine and my recovery went well, I went home the same day. The hospital is very comfortable to stay in. Following the procedure I had physiotherapy and acupuncture to try and help me with my walking.

“I did have some pain for a couple of days and then it eased up. I’m glad to say that I’m now I’m in a lot less pain than before my injections. I think it’s a miracle that I can walk now!

“At my follow up Dr Menon informed me that the treatment was very successful and that he expects this injection to last up to two years. It really has been life changing. I can sleep comfortably again and I’ve even been able to go on a short break with friends. I haven’t been on holiday in over 20 years because I wasn’t able to walk, now I can!

“My advice would be to have it done and take any help that is offered, otherwise life will pass you by due to any restrictions that you may have had like me!”

Meet the consultant

Dr Rajesh Menon is a Consultant Anaesthetist and Pain Management. Dr Menon is a great advocate in the holistic approach of pain management, one that focuses not only on pain relief, but also on the functional and emotional wellbeing of the patient. He believes in patient empowerment through patient education and believes clinical consultation to be a partnership based on effective communication and collaboration between the patient and the doctor.

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