Melanie knew that there was nowhere else she would go for healthcare treatment

Mr Ridha gave me confidence

After the wonderful experience that Melanie received coming to Spire Harpenden for Physio over 10 years ago, Melanie knew that there was nowhere else she would go for healthcare treatment.


After many years of being self-conscious about her breasts, Melanie wanted to come to the familiar healthcare facility who helped her all those years ago, Spire Harpenden. She had the initial consultation with Mr Ridha, who immediately put Melanie at ease. “It wasn’t about the size of my breasts, it was about how they made me feel, and that’s what Mr Ridha understood,” explained Melanie. “I wanted to feel more feminine and more proportional. We didn’t even talk about size, we talked about my confidence and well-being.”


Melanie had the procedure in August 2017, and was back at work a week later.  With Mr Ridha’s skills, the results Melanie experienced were phenomenal, with almost no scars, and perfectly proportioned breasts. “I feel so much happier and confident now in myself and my new boobs! I can’t fault Spire Harpenden for the care they gave me. From the initial consultation, through to the procedure and the aftercare I can honestly say the service has been faultless.”


“For anyone who is on the fence about getting cosmetic surgery, my advice would be to make sure you are doing it for you and make sure you have the right surgeon and the right healthcare provider, and for me, that was Spire Harpenden”.  


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