"I had been considering having breast enlargement surgery for at least ten years but had always been put off by negative reports in the media and the thought that I may be left with a result that was worse than my natural breasts. I began to research surgeons in my area and read the testimonies from Mr Chandrashekar's patients. I then booked a consultation to discuss the options. 

"Mr Chandrashekar made me feel very relaxed, he listened to my idea of how I wanted my breasts to look, I was a small B cup and I'm 5 feet tall so I didn't want to look top heavy. He showed me the various types and sizes of implants and then with a nurse present I tried them inside a sports bra to get a feel for them. I took some time to think about it and the following week I returned, during this appointment Mr Chandrashekar took pictures of my breasts (with the nurse present) and then showed me a comparison of how I would look with three different types of implant using the Crisalix software - this really helped me to make a decision. 

"I chose the teardrop implants and Mr Chandrashekar advised that he would put these under the muscle for a more natural look. 

"I booked to have the surgery the following month. I stayed overnight in hospital and all the staff looked after me very well. Mr Chandrashekar visited me the following day to make sure I was happy and provided me with some aftercare advice and we arranged an appointment for the following week. 

"I felt a little bruised and uncomfortable around my chest area for about 3 days after the procedure but not so much that I needed pain medication 

"I'm really happy with the result and although I'm only 3 weeks post surgery as I write this I can see that the scars are healing well and the swelling has reduced. I will be a full C cup which is just what I wanted. I have 3 more weeks of wearing my sports bra then I can go shopping for some nice underwear! 

"If you are thinking of having breast surgery then I would definitely recommend Mr Chandrashekar, he will listen, advise you of what is realistic and achievable and show you how the results will look - this will help you to make the right decision. Following that he will give you the great result you'd hoped for followed by great after care."

Kate, aged 40 from Liverpool.

What our patients say