Julie Marder, an artist aged 63 from Leeds, had suffered from severe eczema since she was a small child. It was in her 40s when she realised just how much the skin on her face had been affected by the steroid cream she had used to treat her skin complaint for many years.

Julie Marder, 63, from Leeds had a MACS facelift and brow lift in 2014 under the care of consultant cosmetic surgeon, Mr Alan Phipps.

Julie says, "I had sought help before I came to see Mr Phipps, consultant plastic surgeon at Spire Methley Park Hospital - I saw a consultant within the NHS, who operated on my upper eyelids and then recommended I see another doctor at a clinic in London for laser treatment.

"However, after this had only made some slight improvements, I knew my last option was to come and see a cosmetic surgeon."

Julie had previously seen another three cosmetic surgery consultants before seeking advice from her friends. “I had seen other surgeons for consultations but didn’t feel as comfortable with them as I did when I met Mr Phipps. I felt really at ease with him and enjoyed his manner.”

During her consultation, Julie found that Mr Phipps was very helpful and gave good advice. Julie says, “He was very thorough and explained all my options very clearly to me.”

Julie opted to have a MACS facelift in February 2014 to address the skin on the bottom half of her face that was left damaged from the steroid cream she had used to treat her eczema. Following this she came back to see Mr Phipps and discussed further surgery.

“I had always suffered with a feeling of tension around my eye area; Mr Phipps suggested a brow lift as it may help alleviate this uncomfortable sensation. I also felt that as I had previously addressed the lower half of my face that now it was time to ensure the upper part of my face was treated as well.”

In October 2014, Julie underwent a brow lift and also had the skin on her upper eyelids treated.

During her stay at Spire Methley Park Hospital she commented, “The staff were fantastic, nothing was too much trouble for them. The aftercare is wonderful and the advice I was given on leaving allowed me to make a full recovery at home.”

Following her surgery Julie plans to launch a new venture in the art world and feels that her confidence has been boosted as a result.

Her advice to anyone thinking about undergoing either a brow lift or MACS facelift is: “Cosmetic surgery isn’t for the faint hearted, but for me personally, as a long term eczema sufferer, I felt that as well as the physical benefits the psychological benefits have been great. It has given me a big confidence boost as well as relieving a pressure sensation on my brow.”

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