The referral process and initial appointment was quicker than I had expected with surgery options explained at the first appointment for the one hernia that I was aware of and the two additional hernias that were identified during examination. A laparoscopic procedure was explained / agreed and a date set for the operation which was a bit of a surprise as I was expecting a few tests before hand however this was positive as the original hernia was starting to become problematic for me.


On the day of the procedure the admittance process was very good, whilst the room looked a little tired and seemed overdue for decoration the facilities were more than adequate and service / support from the nurses was excellent as was the post operative food. The procedure went as explained / expected and I had no post anaesthesia issues other some pain in the recovery room which the nurse / doctor quickly remedied. On return to the room I felt quite refreshed and was released after the normal tests same day.

Post operation

After 2 – 3 days of taking it easy, normal movement was possible with minimal discomfort however as the week went on and my movement increased a significant pain was growing in the right abdomen that pain relief advised by the Ward nurses when I called was not helping with. A follow up appointment was set with Dr Amin 10 days after surgery as the pain was increasing and was becoming debilitating / severely restricting my movements. The day before the appointment on the 22 November the pain stopped abruptly and has not returned since.

The one area that is worthy of note was the post operative bruising around my belly button and bleeding into the groin area which was somewhat of a surprise and may have been mentioned in the original appointment however I had either missed it or not appreciated fully the extent of bleeding and bruising post operation.

In summary the whole process exceeded my expectation considerably in terms of speed, overall experience and recovery, (once the abdomen pain had stopped). 

I am more than happy to recommend your services and Spire Hospital to anyone that I become aware of is in need of surgery.

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