Having been referred to a Gastroenterologist by my GP, I made an appointment with Dr Mead who practices at Spire Harpenden. Having a sibling going through chemo at 34 I wanted to make sure that I didn’t have anything to worry about and so I went to a GP to be referred (concerns compounded by the Private GP in London performing a test that turns out did nothing more than give undue concern). Dr Mead made every effort to get me booked in as soon as he could and did so within the week at Spire Harpenden, he also explained what the London test was and why I shouldn’t concern myself on its result.

I haven’t been to Spire Harpenden for many years, but on arrival it was easy to park, the reception was like a hotel in its lay-out which takes out some of the typical hospital imagery that one has. Reception was easy and I wasn’t pushed away to fill in the registration forms, I felt like a client which is of course what I was, not always the way a medical service leaves you feeling. I was given a room for the afternoon which did what it needed to in the short time I was there, but gave me some space and privacy which was appreciated. The nurses were all very friendly and genuine in their approach which made things feel easier than they might otherwise with the anticipation and concerns of the procedure and results thereof. 

Dr Mead came to the room and explained how it would work and the options I had, he then took me to the theatre where I was greeted by three nurses – they all introduced themselves and got me in and out quickly and as comfortably as they could.  I cannot say it was an enjoyable experience, I am not a fan of hospitals, but equally I am not sure I could have wanted any more than I had and what could have been a horrible experience was actually OK thanks to the staff at Spire.

I’d certainly use Spire and Dr Mead again if I should need to.

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