New compensation scheme for patients treated by Ian Paterson set up by Spire Healthcare

27 July 2021

A new compensation scheme is being set up by Spire Healthcare for those patients of convicted surgeon Ian Paterson whose treatment has been recently reviewed.

In early 2020, a Government-appointed Independent Inquiry into Ian Paterson recommended that Spire Healthcare check that all Paterson patients had been recalled, and to communicate with any who may not have been previously seen.

Spire wrote to all patients of Paterson in December 2020 and some, who had not previously been contacted, were invited to discuss their treatment. The review is on-going but has identified that some additional patients were harmed by Paterson, who was suspended by Spire in 2011.

Spire has now set up a second compensation fund to deal with any new claims arising out of treatment by Paterson at the company’s hospitals. The scheme will be administered by 2 law firms, Slater and Gordon UK Limited, and Thompsons Solicitors LLP, who administered the earlier Paterson compensation scheme from 2017.

In 2017, firms that had acted for Paterson patients in earlier litigation gave a legal undertaking that they would not act for claimants in future claims arising out of treatment by Paterson at Spire's hospitals. In order to assist patients who wish to make a claim, Spire asked the Court to relax those undertakings to the extent necessary to advise patients and refer them to the new scheme. At a hearing on 26 July 2021 the Court agreed that should happen. This means that patients of Ian Paterson can approach any law firm to advise them, and to apply to the new scheme on their behalf. The Court also confirmed that a new scheme to compensate patients who have valid claims is a good idea and welcomed the parties’ co-operation.

A spokesperson for Spire Healthcare said: “Patients who suffered at the hands of Ian Paterson must not be prevented from seeking compensation. Spire Healthcare has taken the initiative to collaborate in setting up the new fund so that Paterson’s victims can access appropriate legal expertise. We are pleased the Court has agreed to allow the claimant law firms to advise patients and refer them to the new fund.”

If you were a patient of Ian Paterson and would like to apply for compensation, you can make an application to the fund by contacting either of the two legal firms who are administering the fund:

  • Slater and Gordon: you can ring 0330 107 6472 or contact them through their website
  • Thompsons: you can ring 0800 0 224 224 or contact them through their website