Ways to pay for private medical treatment

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Page last reviewed: April 2024 | Next review due: April 2025

Getting a price and paying for private medical treatment can be done in several ways. We’ll take a look at the different options in more detail below.

How do I get a quote for private treatment?

  • Guide price: Gives you an idea of what a private hospital will charge for an operation like yours
  • Fixed price: An all-inclusive price for your treatment covering all costs once you have booked your inpatient or day case treatment
  • One stop package: A treatment or assessment package for a specific condition

Guide prices

Guide prices show what most patients who pay for their own treatment should expect to pay for treatment. The price may vary depending on consultant, type of anaesthetic, implant or drug used, and may also vary due to your medical history.

At Spire Healthcare, guide prices are usually broken down by:

  • Initial consultation – this is your initial appointment with your consultant. The price displayed will be a guide only as consultant fees vary.
  • Treatment – this includes all the pre-assessment tests and the cost of the treatment, consultant and anaesthetist fees, nursing care, medication and food during this time and any standard prosthesis. Your hospital stay is included as long as your consultant advises is necessary.
  • Aftercare - this includes your care after you leave hospital, including consultations and physiotherapy visits, removal of stitches, change of dressings and the medication you need for up to 10 days after you leave hospital

Your consultant may need you to have diagnostic tests before being able to confirm the procedure required and these are charged for separately.

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Fixed price

Private hospitals typically offer an all-inclusive or fixed price for your procedure and you’ll have a quote tailored to you.

The fixed price covers all costs relating to your inpatient or day case care following initial consultation and any tests recommended. It is made up of your surgeon’s fee, anaesthetist fees, hospital fees such as nursing, accommodation, food, and the price of any necessary prosthesis from our standard range – if you need one.

Your hospital fees cover everything for as long as you need to stay in hospital - so you won’t get any unexpected bills if, for clinical reasons, you need to stay longer than planned.

One stop service package prices

One stop services are packages typically offered as an assessment package for a specific specialty, such as a one stop breast clinic. Package price appointments are generally only available with participating specialty consultants.

Additional procedures, surgery or other recommended treatment (not included in assessment package) will be charged additionally. Fixed price quotes for treatments will be provided as part of your treatment plan if required.

Finance options

A medical loan gives you the flexibility to spread the cost of private treatment. The loan can be personalised based on how much you’d like to pay per month, how long you want the payments to be spread over and how much deposit you’d like to pay.

You can apply for finance once you’ve received your treatment letter with appointment date and fixed price quote has been agreed but you’ll need to have the loan approved before treatment.

At Spire Healthcare, our partner Omni Capital Retail Finance offers a range of repayment plans including interest free finance. Most applications are approved immediately meaning you don’t have to delay getting treatment.

Use our finance calculator to view other payment options and monthly repayment amounts.

Contact our Private Patient Sales Advisers to learn more about available finance options. We can talk you through the different representative examples over a range of repayment terms.

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