How do I get a diagnosis?

By Spire Healthcare

Page last reviewed: February 2021 | Next review due: February 2022

When it comes to your health, we're committed to providing the highest quality of service to all of our patients.

At Spire Healthcare, we can provide help and advice on:

  • Seeing a specialist privately
  • Who to speak to about your symptoms
  • Booking an appointment with a named consultant or particular specialty
  • Booking an appointment after a GP referral

Paying for yourself

Our dedicated Private Patient Sales Advisers can help with any questions you have about getting treatment at a Spire hospital whether it's information on our treatments and prices, choosing a consultant or booking an appointment.

Our Private Patient Sales Advisers would be happy to discuss your needs and let you know whether a GP referral is required to see one of our specialists.

Using your private medical insurance

If you have health insurance, you’ll need to contact your insurer to confirm whether you are covered for your consultation and whether you need a GP referral. If you do need a GP referral visit your GP and ask to be referred to a specialist at your local Spire hospital.

Then call our dedicated team who will discuss your needs and the next steps to arranging a consultation with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before seeing my GP, I want to know more about my current symptoms.

We provide information on a range of treatments, conditions, symptoms and tests and scans. Browse our full list of services

Do I need a referral for diagnostic tests like an MRI or CT scan?

Yes. The referral can be made your GP, a Spire GP or Consultant.

I don't have time to see my NHS GP, but I know the type or name of the specialist I want to see.

If you’re funding your own treatment, we might be able to offer you an appointment with the consultant of your choice without a referral. Call your local Spire hospital for more information.

If you have insurance, in some cases your insurer will need a GP referral before you can see a specialist privately so contact them first. Once you have an approval or authorisation number from your insurer call us to make your appointment.

I have already seen a specialist on the NHS but want to continue my treatment privately.

If you’re paying for your own treatment, call us to obtain a price for your treatment and how we can help you transfer from the NHS to private care. Sometimes you may be able to see the same NHS specialist if they have a private practice at Spire Healthcare.

If you have insurance, call your local Spire hospital to find out how we can help you transfer from the NHS to private care. You may need a new referral or simply be able to transfer under the same consultant. You should also confirm with your insurer that you’re covered to transfer your care first. 

A health professional (eg physiotherapist, osteopath, optician or audiologist) has suggested that I see a specialist.

If you’re self-funding, call your local Spire hospital to discuss costs and book an appointment with one of our specialists.

If you have insurance, contact your insurance company to obtain an authorisation number. You may need a referral letter from the health practitioner you saw or from your GP so check with your insurer. Then call your local Spire hospital to book an appointment with one of our specialists.

How long does a private consultation last?

This will depend on the individual consultant, but usually an initial consultation will take between 10 and 30 minutes.

What happens at a consultation?

A consultant will want to know more about any problems you’ve been experiencing and may have a letter from your GP explaining why the appointment is needed. During your appointment they will also ask you specific questions to help with your diagnosis and may carry out a physical examination.

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