Family planning

Treatments to support your sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing.

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Our highly qualified team provide a wide range of sexual and reproductive healthcare treatments.

Is family planning right for you?

There are many ways to help put you in control of the size of your family and we're here to help you decide the best methods for your circumstances.

We offer permanent contraception such as vasectomy for men or tubal occlusion for women. Or, if you've changed your mind and decided you would like to increase the size of your family after all, we also offer vasectomy reversal.

Why choose Spire for family planning?

If you come to us for your family planning treatment you'll be in the hands of an expert at a time and place convenient to you.

We have a network od award-winning hospitals based across the UK, offering patients top quality care in the comfort of a private hospital setting. Many of our sites also partner with fertility centres so you can have consultations and treatment without the stress of travel.

Whether you use private medical insurance or you’re paying for treatment yourself, we provide expert family planning for everyone.

What our patients say

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