We saw Dr Shristava in October of last year following a scan which showed a tumour in my 16 year old daughter's ovary. At the time, we’d been told by the NHS Radiologist that she urgently needed an MRI scan, but that due to her age she would have to be referred to a paediatrician. Within a few days of calling the Wellesley, we were able to attend an appointment to see Dr Shrivastava.

As soon as he had examined my daughter and viewed her scans, he impressed us with his commitment to arranging for her to see a Consultant Gynaecologist without delay (had she been under 16, he told us she would have been referred that night to Great Ormond Street). In fact, he made contact with us later that evening, and we saw the Gynaecologist the next day.

Fortunately the outcome for my daughter was good – following major surgery ten days later (at Southend General due to the complications of her surgery), she had a 50cm dermoid cyst removed from her left ovary. I have no doubt that the speed of referral by Dr Shrivastava played a part in her prompt treatment and as a family we’re extremely grateful for his professionalism and kindness in what was and extremely stressful situation.

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