My name is Katie; I’m 28 years old and am originally from Liverpool. When I was 19, I went to university and studied acting at MMU School of Theatre and have remained in the city ever since. Having acted since I was 5, I have always led an active lifestyle; from dancing to physical theatre my body has always been my tool.

Fast-forwarding to July 2015, I had developed a keen interest in racket sports. After playing the odd game of tennis in the park I signed up to a club in Prestwich and decided to get some coaching.  Unfortunately, two lessons in I went for a backhand and as I planted my foot and twisted into the shot I heard a terrible popping noise in my left knee.

After a few complications, I was referred to Spire Manchester Hospital. The consultant who had referred me assured me that the surgeon, Professor Sanjiv Jari, was one of the best lower limb surgeons in the country. 

On 28th August 2015, I had my first consultation with Professor Jari and I was extremely nervous. By now my knee was very painful and had turned a lovely shade of crimson from the trauma it had sustained. An exact diagnosis had not yet been made and I was eager for some answers. However, I had no need to be nervous. Professor Jari examined my knee and discussed my MRI results in detail. He then went on to explain how he would firstly perform an arthroscopy to assess the damage acutely and then depending on the findings and stability of the knee perhaps ACL reconstruction surgery. I cannot put into words the relief I felt after having this consultation. Finally I had some answers. I could not fault Professor Jari’s expertise - he even knew that I’d been sleeping with a pillow underneath my knee by the shape it had locked itself into!

I was referred for an urgent physiotherapy session and was seen within half an hour of my consultation.  The physio team at Spire then scheduled a course of sessions for me with Alison Sloan, who specialises in ACL rehab.

I met with Alison one week later, and within minutes I was put at ease by her level of reassurance, knowledge and professionalism. Professor Jari had specified that I needed full range of movement before he could perform any of the above surgeries. Alison knew the exact rehab I would need to achieve this and designed a detailed personal exercise program for me.

Through continued consultations with Professor Jari and physiotherapy with Alison I am now 5 weeks post ACL reconstruction (5-5-2016). I had an arthroscopy on my knee in November 2015 and my ACL surgery in April 2016. The treatment I received on the wards in main hospital was outstanding. Having never had surgery before I was pretty anxious but the nurses and ward staff were so thorough and efficient with their care, it felt like I was in the best hands.

Enduring an ACL injury and having to go through the rehabilitation process is a hard one, not only physically but also mentally.  It’s long and it’s frustrating, and having a strong support network around you is key to full recovery.  That’s why there’s thousands of blogs and twitter accounts out there dedicated to helping people through the process, I’ve even created one myself!

However the support that I have received from Spire Manchester has been such a fundamental part of my recovery, I very much doubt that I’d be at this stage should I have not been a referred there.

From the meticulousness of Professor Jari’s practice to the continued confidence and strength Alison’s physio sessions have given me, I couldn’t have asked for or imagined a greater system of care. And for that I am truly, truly grateful.

Thank You Spire Manchester.


Katie. ACL reconstruction surgery, 2016.

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