Amputee residential rehabilitation

Our partnership with Dorset Orthorpaedic

The Residential Rehabilitation programme is a new undertaking at Perform St. George’s Park, taking place at Perform’s Specialist Sports Medicine and Human Performance Centre at St. George’s Park, the training home of the England football teams. We have specialist physiotherapists trained in amputee rehabilitation for those getting used to new prosthetics.

The intensive Residential Rehabilitation programme offers a range of benefits to amputees. The swift turn around and provision of prostheses, for example, accompanied by daily one-to- one therapy from a range of professionals, gives an amputee the best chance of maximising their mobility.

St. George’s Park, the National Football Centre, is set in 330 acres of National Forest in the heart of England, near to Burton-Upon-Trent. There is an on site Hilton hotel providing the perfect environment for rest and relaxation after a busy day of rehabilitation.

Perform’s Specialist Sports Medicine and Human Performance Centre is staffed by specialist clinicians and sports and exercise medics. The outstanding facilities incorporates 25,000 square feet of world-leading technology all geared to improve human performance. The Perform team regularly work with the England football teams, sports squads and athletes on a daily basis. 

Residential Rehabilitation programmes offer significant benefits for a range of amputees: Those keen to progress with their mobility as soon as possible, and those established and experienced amputees eager to get the optimum prosthesis and training for their chosen lifestyle activities.

Each programme consists of five intensive days of rehabilitation, and will be tailored to exact individual needs and will include the following:

  • Personalised treatment from clinical and sports and exercise medicine experts. Including physiotherapists, doctors, sports scientists, strength and conditioning specialists, and soft tissue therapists. All treatments will be under continual review by a Dorset orthopaedic clinician.

Individuals are able to take the temporary diagnostic prosthesis home to practice for 1-2 weeks (can be extended) before returning for rehabilitation or to have the prosthesis completed definitively. The number of cycles will be dependent on the individual’s progress and needs.

What does it cost?

The hourly rate for amputee residential rehabilitation is £600 per day or £3000 for a 5 day week.