The Perform sports injury masterclass is aimed at students of all ages studying or with an interest in physiotherapy, sports therapy, sports rehabilitation and associated subjects. A variety of sports injury components are available, considering the connection between sports injury and performance. The masterclass will be delivered by one of Perform’s expert sports physiotherapists.

Package content

Tour of The National Football Centre, St. George’s Park and Perform facilities.

Pick one of the following sessions:

This half-day package delivers the full St. George’s Park experience. Starting with a tour around the National Football Centre and Perform’s world-leading rehabilitation and performance facilities, students will gain an insight into how state-of-the-art technology can support amateur and professional athletes and help them achieve optimum performance and rehabilitate from injury. Students will then attend either an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) or functional movement screening (FMS) session, finishing with a hydrotherapy session in our hydrotherapy suite.


A classroom based session considering ACL injuries, how they are repaired, treated and rehabilitated. Followed by an interactive strength and conditioning session outlining exercises used in rehabilitation.


Functional Movement Screening and prehabilitation. A practical session to consider how FMS and movement screening can be used to predict injury and provide information for exercise prescription.

Hydrotherapy session

A practical session utilising our variable depth pool, underwater treadmill, and contrast bathing pools to consider conditioning and rehabilitation.