Spire Healthcare and Leicester Diabetes Centre piloting a new type 2 diabetes care service

24 January 2023

As part of Spire Healthcare's plans to develop new services to support the management of long-term health conditions, Spire Diabetes Care is being piloted as a subscription-based, nurse-led service to provide one-to-one support for people living with type 2 diabetes.

Combining digital innovation and both physical and virtual consultations, Spire Diabetes Care offers users regular advice and encouragement from a diabetes support nurse on how to manage their condition. Launched in December 2022 and available as a pilot scheme in the East Midlands to 500 patients, Spire Diabetes Care aims to provide patients with additional choice of how they receive support in living with diabetes. The intention is also to help ease ongoing NHS pressures.

Effective Diabetes Education Now (EDEN), part of the Leicester Diabetes Centre, is providing healthcare professional (HCP) training as part of this unique collaboration.

Claire Barlow, Director of Innovation & Propositions at Spire Healthcare said: “We are pleased that the Leicester Diabetes Centre – a centre of excellence for diabetes care – is working with us to develop and deliver training and mentoring for our diabetes nurses and importantly, independently evaluating the results of this pilot. By using technology alongside one-to-one consultations, we believe Spire Diabetes Care has the potential to deliver a new, high quality and accessible form of healthcare for people with type 2 diabetes. I look forward to receiving the results of the pilot in 2024.”

Laura Willcocks, Lead for HCP Education and Training, EDEN commented: “Ensuring Spire Diabetes Care nurses are up to date with the latest care and guidance is vital for an optimal support service. We are delighted to have been chosen to provide healthcare professional education for this exciting pilot scheme.”

Bernie Stribling, Assistant Director of New Business at the Leicester Diabetes Centre added: “This collaboration will provide a gap in the private healthcare market to support people living with type 2 diabetes. Our aim at the Leicester Diabetes Centre is to improve the lives of people with diabetes and long-term conditions through research, education and innovation. By providing an independent evaluation of this project to Spire Diabetes Care, we remain committed that indeed it will provide positive outcomes for people living with diabetes.”

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