Life-saving prostate cancer surgery for surfer

01 August 2016

As the summer sun really starts to shine, the County Donegal-born carpenter who now lives in Sheldon, Birmingham, with wife Anne, has already had the wetsuit out on a few occasions – and is now planning his next trip to England’s surfing capital Cornwall.

Charles, who moved to Birmingham in the 1980s, said he visited his GP when his ‘intuition’ told him ‘something just wasn’t right’.

After two PSA tests his GP requested a biopsy which showed Charles did have prostate cancer that needed urgent attention.

“What I want my experience to do is to let other men know the importance of getting themselves checked out. If I hadn’t taken the test I might not be alive today,” said Charles.

Charles underwent a radical prostatectomy – the complete removal of his prostate – carried out by Consultant Urologist Mr Ramasamy Jaganathan at Spire Parkway Hospital in Solihull.

Mr Jaganathan explained that the cancer had not spread to any other part of the body so, by removing the prostate, he had also removed the entire cancer and the danger of it developing further.

“It is a common procedure and men do recover well and can return to their normal activities after a reasonably short length of time. Mr McBride had very good fitness levels and I wasn’t surprised by his excellent recovery.

“He has already told me about his love of surfing and I’m not at all surprised to hear he is now back doing what he enjoys,” said Mr Jaganathan.

As for Charles, he is keeping his surfboards in top condition as he plans to be using them for many years to come.

“I can’t thank Mr Jaganathan or the people at Spire Parkway enough,” he said. “I’m back enjoying life to the full and I am so glad I got myself tested when I did.”