Documents and forms

  • From your MySpire account please select the download icon next to the document you wish to print. Once downloaded, open as a pdf document, where you can proceed to print.

  • From your MySpire account you can search documents by time period. All documents are listed into three time periods - yesterday, last 30 days and older.

  • I am missing a document relating to an upcoming appointment

    If your document relates to an outpatient appointment that you booked online please check the messages section of MySpire for a copy of the appointment confirmation email. If not present in messages, please
    contact the hospital directly to confirm your appointment.

    If the appointment was not booked online please contact the
    outpatient booking team at the hospital you are due to attend.

    Physiotherapy and imaging appointment information is not currently available in MySpire. Please contact the hospital you are due to attend.