Fitness testing plays a major role in modern sport.

By helping develop, analyse and interpret a base of information for your students, it allows coaches to prescribe suitable training programmes and better equip them for their sporting career. We offer two standard testing packages and a number of performance services that can be incorporated into a bespoke package to support your team - delivered by our team of sports scientists and clinicians, or remotely at your school/college/university training facilities. Testing programmes will be amended as necessary to fit the demands of your chosen sport and the age range of the athletes. Once tested, each player from your team will receive a report detailing their results that can be used to design their conditioning and performance training programmes, or be reviewed later in the season with a subsequent testing session.

We offer a range of testing services.

Sports science testing

  • body composition – Tanita or skin fold test
  • 30 metre sprint test - infrared timing gates
  • 505 agility test - infrared timing gates
  • Opto-jump – reactive strength and power
  • 7 x 30 metre anaerobic endurance test
  • Yoyo intermittent endurance test
  • recovery session in the hydrotherapy suite.

Sports science testing and screening

All of the testing found in our sports science testing package, plus: 

  • functional movement screen (FMS)
  • Y-balance.

Other additional tests are available on request.

  • maximal exercise testing (VO2 max and lactate profiling)
  • isokinetic dynometry
  • precision Hydration assessment
  • anthropometric profiling including body composition (skinfold analysis, body fat and muscle mass determination) and postural assessment
  • biomechanical analysis
  • wattbike assessments
  • bilateral force plate analysis – tests of asymmetry
  • firstbeat heart rate monitoring
  • STATSports GPS physical and physiological tracking.

We offer a range of services which can be tailored to your package.

  • EPPP support for FAPL academy structure/system
  • pathology services and urine analysis – identification of key biomarkers that can compromise recovery and performance
  • precision Hydration assessment
  • physiologist support including seasonal programming and monitoring of loads to ensure progression and reduce the risk of injury
  • sports psychology consultations
  • strength and conditioning services including Michael Johnson performance training
  • Nutritional support and advice
  • recovery training options: hydrotherapy, pilates, sports massage and therapy
  • hypoxic and temperature/humidity-controlled chamber
  • Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill
  • underwater treadmill, variable depth pool for deep water running, and contrast bathing
  • mobile cryotherapy unit available on request.

Making an appointment

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