At Spire Cardiff Hospital we understand that having an ovarian cyst can be very distressing. That’s why we offer our patients a one-stop ovarian cyst clinic which enables you to receive a diagnosis in just one day with South Wales’ leading specialist in ovarian cysts.

Our consultants

Mr Ken Lim is a leading expert in Wales for ovarian cysts and has a wealth of experience from his local NHS position.

Mr Ken Lim is the clinical lead for gynaecological cancer at the University Hospital of Wales, the hospital also serves as the gynaecological cancer centre for South East Wales and parts of West Wales. Because of his expertise in gynaecological cancer, he has much experience in managing all types of ovarian cysts and appreciates the need to rapidly diagnose and manage patients with ovarian cysts.

What is included in the appointment?

Our clinic prides itself in providing our patients a one-stop appointment for the diagnosis of ovarian cyst. We understand that having efficient results that you can trust is crucial, therefore appointments include a blood test, intimate examination and a transvaginal ultrasound. Rest assured that your specialist consultant will discuss the best diagnostic options for you based on your clinical symptoms.

Why choose us?

The ovarian cyst clinic prides itself on providing exceptional and bespoke patient care. We have an enthusiastic and hardworking multi-disciplinary team which includes a specialist gynaecologist, a specialist ultra-sonographer and a specialist healthcare worker who is available to support you through your diagnosis and any potential treatment plans.

We understand that having an ovarian cyst can be worrying. That’s why we create an environment to make you feel at ease and our team have extensive experience with anxious patients.


We have a number of diagnostic tests available including blood tests, colposcopy, hysteroscopyMRI and ultrasound scan.  

Following your diagnosis you may be offered conservative management for your cysts or you may require an ovarian cyst removal.

Rest assured that your consultant will discuss all treatment options available. 

How do I book?

To book an appointment call our out-patient appointments team on 029 2073 6011 or for more information about our ovarian cyst clinic and treatments, including prices, call our customer service team on 029 2054 2509.

Our ovarian cyst specialist