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Displaying 8 of 8 results
Displaying 8 of 8 results

“I'm extremely pleased with how things have gone and was very impressed with the care I received at Spire. I would highly recommend Mr Maheson and should I need my other hip replacing, would contact him immediately.”

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Liz Reynolds

“When it’s the right option, and it’s performed without complication, knee replacement can be life transforming.”

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Richard Howard Gash

“Everything is ‘state of the art’. Would I recommend the service? Absolutely, although no one would ever want to be in the position that they require an colonoscopy, it makes a huge difference if you choose somewhere that delivers exceptional clinical and customer service - that’s what I received at Spire Cardiff Hospital.”

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Roy Davis

“I felt very supported throughout the whole experience and was comforted knowing even after the surgery my surgeon was still very much available to support my recovery. I am so so happy with my results; they are everything I hoped for. The experience was made enjoyable by the support, care and dedication provided by Mr Boyce and his team at Spire. I would highly recommend selecting Mr Boyce as your surgeon for breast enlargement procedures.”

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“Mr Maheson provides an excellent service, making the process of hip replacement as smooth and stress-free as possible. He explains details of operatioin and X-rays in a most pleasant, courteous and unhurried manner. One feels entirely confident in his care and grateful that he is one's surgeon - result a good new hip for years to come.”


“I recently underwent surgery for a hip replacement. As an 81 year old patient perhaps it was natural for me to feel somewhat concerned and apprehensive as I had an unfortunate experience after an operation some years previously. However, as soon as I consulted Mr Maheson, his calm assurance and professionalism instilled in me a confidence and determination to go ahead with the operation which I had (maybe cowardly) avoided for some time. My trust in Mr Maheson was completely justified. The operation was a great success and the after-care exemplary. My mobility within days was incredibly good - and the pain gone!”


“Mr Hiew is a fantastic surgeon and I am extremely happy with the amazing reduction he has performed on me. He is very caring man and explained everything thoroughly with all the options available. This helped very much and confirmed he was the surgeon for me. Following my surgery the care was fantastic at Spire Cardiff and I was discharged home pain free and confident I was going to make a speedy recovery. The information given on discharge was extremely was extremely helpful and I was very reassured that there was someone there if needed at any time. I would highly recommend both Mr Hiew and Spire Cardiff Hospital to anyone. I now feel amazing Thank you!”


“I’ve had an amazing experience from start to finish. The nursing staff were friendly, welcoming and informative, which put me at ease. Mr Karoo provided me with exceptional patient care and gave me exactly the results I was looking for from my rhinoplasty procedure. Couldn’t be happier!”


Displaying 8 of 8 results
Displaying 8 of 8 results