I just wanted to express my thanks to you regarding my new knee

Mike Webberley - Cardiff

Dear Stuart, I just wanted to express my thanks to you regarding my new knee. Having suffered for most of my life (with several interim operations) following a bad knee injury in my late teens and because I was in ‘the profession’ I was very reluctant to have any further tampering with it. However, I had got to the stage where I had to hold onto my wife every time I walked down a slight decline and down stairs, was in constant pain day and night and was unable to join in with long family walks. 

I came to see you very reluctantly (under direction from my wife!) but your easy-going attitude, confidence, persuasiveness  and professionalism won me over almost immediately and ultimately it was one of the best and easiest decisions of my life.

The actual procedure was so straight forward as was the recovery and here I am just over a year later, doing everything I want to do and completely pain free. My surfing has even improved!

I will always be very grateful for the help you have given me and I hope this testimonial will help others make the right decision as I did.

I have included some photos of me surfing in November - not the biggest waves ever but will give you an indication of what I can now do!