At Spire Cardiff Hospital we understand that finding a breast problem can be very distressing and many people want a quick diagnosis. That is why we offer our patients testing and diagnosis on the very same day with some of South Wales’ leading breast specialists.

Our consultants

Our experienced breast surgeons and radiologists are highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of breast disease and hold specialist posts within the NHS.

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What to expect

We are passionate about offering patients a one-stop service whereby you will receive a consultation and diagnostic test on the same day, tailored to your needs.

At your consultation, your chosen breast specialist will review your medical history and examine you in the presence of a breast care nurse who will support you throughout your visit.

On completion your consultant and radiologist will discuss the most appropriate diagnostic for breast lump investigation based on your clinical presentation. Tests may include, genetic testingdigital mammographyultrasound, MRIcore biopsy including fine needle aspiration and ultrasound aspiration of cyst.

Once your case is reviewed by our expert team, you will be invited back into the consultation room for your test results. Imaging results are available immediately, however if a biopsy is needed, the results of this take several days. The tissue sample is sent to our pathology lab where experts will assess and report on their findings. Rest assured that in these situations we aim to ensure your results are provided as promptly as possible.

Why choose us?

As the largest private hospital and the leading provider of breast care services in South Wales, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional care to all our patients and each individual is important to us.

Our one-stop breast clinic is available every day Monday to Friday and appointments are readily available to suit your needs. We always ensure your visit is as efficient as possible to provide you with as much information as possible for a diagnosis on the same day.

Our expert consultant breast surgeons operate with a multi-disciplinary team including skilled radiographers, consultant radiologists and pathologists. The clinics are supported by a specialist nurse who is there to support you through diagnosis and any potential treatment plans.

All of our diagnostic testing is conducted with state of the art equipment so you can be confident in the clinical facilities we offer. 

We understand this can be a worrying time and we have extensive experience in dealing with anxious patients and ensuring we provide the most relaxing atmosphere possible.


At Spire Cardiff Hospital we take a holistic approach to treatment and in many cases people who visit our one-stop breast clinic do not need treatment.

However, if treatment is required, rest assured that Spire Cardiff Hospital offers a wide range of surgical management for both benign and malignant breast conditions including breast lump removal, mastectomy, breast reconstruction and sentinel lymph node biopsy and removal.

Your specialist consultant will discuss the management of your condition with you at length so that you are able to choose the right treatment options for you as an individual.

How do I book?

To book an appointment call our out-patient appointments team on 029 2073 6011 or for more information about our one-stop breast clinic and treatments, including prices, call our customer service team on 029 2054 2509.

Our breast specialists