A range of treatments to help you get back to the life you love

At Spire Elland Hospital we offer everything from health screening and checks, major and minor surgery through to professional sports recovery and rehabilitation. We're here to help you make all the right choices for your health, so you can focus on your recovery.

We now also offer a new Private GP Service that allows you to see a GP at a time to suit you.

Spire Elland Hospital doesn’t currently offer a paediatrics service but your child could be seen at a nearby Spire hospital. Learn more about the Spire Children and Young People’s Service.

Blood tests

A simple blood test can help reveal a lot about the state of your health and wellbeing.

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Bones and joints

Treatments to relieve pain and increase mobility.

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Breast screening

Early diagnosis is often the key to survival.

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Cosmetic surgery

Treatments to help boost your confidence.

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Ear, nose and throat

Treatments for the most common and complex ear, nose and throat problems.

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Eye surgery and treatments

Get a clearer view of the world with our specialist eye care treatments.

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General surgery

Common surgical procedures carried out by our consultant general surgeons.

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Heart treatments

Your heart is in our hands. To us, there is no greater trust and we take caring for it very seriously.

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Men's health

Expert advice and treatments dedicated to men of all ages.

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Pain management

A holistic approach to help manage common types of pain.

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Scans and investigations

Our range of scans and investigations can shed light on your health.

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Skin treatments

Expert opinion and treatment for a wide range of skin conditions.

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Weight loss

Treatments to help put you back in control of your body, your health and your life.

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Women's health

Expert advice and treatments dedicated to women of all ages.

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Urological care

Diagnosis and specialist treatment for a wide range of urological disorders.

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