Rapid access to the medical you need.

From time to time we may need to evidence our health and at Spire Elland Hospital we provide a range of ‘medicals’ covering areas as diverse as employment medicals, overseas visa applications, sports and insurance requirements.

To book an appointment call 01422 324069 or book online with our private GP service.

How long are the appointments?

Appointment times will vary according to the type of medical you need, however most medicals are completed within a 30 minute appointment time. 

When can I book an appointment?

Call us to discuss the type of medical you need and find out when appointments are available. 

How much does a medical cost?

Costs vary according to the type of medical required and prices start at £120. If the medical you require includes a chest X-ray, blood tests or more specific tests these may incur an additional charge.

Who conducts the medical?

All medicals are undertaken by our experienced doctors.

What do I need to bring to my medical?

You will need to bring the medical form, photo id and details of any prescription medicines. If you are taking blood pressure medication you will need to bring your last three readings. If you wear glasses for driving you will need to bring your opticians prescription dated within four months. You will also need a GP summary which can be obtained from your GP practice.

At Spire Elland Hospital we offer medicals and reports for the following:

  • Employment – including offshore, pre-employment
  • Driving – eg DVLA HGV/PCV/Taxi Group 2
  • Insurance
  • Sports and Charity Events – including scuba diving, sky diving, triathlons, marathons
  • Visa medicals (excluding America, Australia and New Zealand)

We can also tailor make a medical for a specific company’s/country’s requirements so if you need to apply for or renew a licence or visa please call us to discuss this further.

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Disclaimer: It is the patient’s responsibility to bring all the relevant documentation for their medicals with them to the appointment.