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Displaying 10 of 76 results
Displaying 10 of 76 results

“In February I was a patient at the Spire Hospital Elland and I had two eye operations. The consultant and all the staff delivered my care to a very high standard, Thank you all 5*”

11 April 2018

“I had my operation in November at Spire Elland and cannot fault anything from first seeing the surgeon to my after care. Definitely 5 stars!”

20 March 2018

“I had one operation on 1 December 2017 and the medical staff and after care staff were excellent. Everyone was pleasant and put my mind at complete ease. I had my second operation yesterday, 9 February and the same applied - nothing was too much trouble. The hospital is immaculately clean. Would recommend the Spire to anyone.”

10 February 2018

“I had an operation here just over a year ago. I cannot recommend this Hospital highly enough, I had the best of care and treatment.”

4 February 2018

“I had knee replacements in October 2016 and January 2018. Mr Siddiqui and team did an amazing job, first class recovery care and very fast progressing to mobility and normal activities... Really happy with the total quality service provided!”

3 February 2018

“Had an MRI today and I just want to say thank you to the gentlemen and lady who did it as I had a little panic attack when I first went it but they were lovely and calmed me down - thank you!”

30 January 2018

“My results are truly outstanding, a glance at my before and after photos say it all… For me Mr Mahajan is the best out there. ”

“ I was there last week, staff are amazing, not rushed, plenty of time to ask questions, lovely room and even a sandwich and cup of coffee after. Would always recommend Spire Elland Hospital! ”

10 January 2018

“I had my operation done yesterday at Spire Elland. From beginning to end the nurses were fantastic. They gave me the privacy I needed and were there every time I needed them. The anaesthetist was absolutely lovely, as were the theatre staff. I felt very relaxed and was not rushed at all.”

9 January 2018

“Had my procedure done at Spire Elland on 5 January. Absolutely fantastic staff & hospital, very professional from start to finish would highly recommend. Mr Rhodes best surgeon ever, the anaesthetist & nurses were brilliant too, thanks so much for the care provided would highly recommend you.”

8 January 2018

Displaying 10 of 76 results
Displaying 10 of 76 results