For about 45 years one of Dr Rajesh Menon’s patients began suffering from pain. Being a PE teacher, she continued to live through the pain, living a very active and fit lifestyle. When the pain eventually became too much she visited her GP and was then referred to Spire Elland Hospital.

“I first became aware of my symptoms about 45 years ago. The symptoms varied as I would have long spells of acute pain in my lower back and then have a brief period of respite. My GP said I had a ‘slipped disc’ and that I needed to rest in bed for six weeks. Unfortunately, this didn’t help!

“I eventually went and had an MRI took which revealed that I had a problem with my lumbar spine. I was relieved because, for the first time in years, I knew what the cause of my pain was. However, at this time, I was beginning to struggle walking small distances and so it was seriously affecting my life.

“I was advised to go to physiotherapy instead of taking strong pain killers, which I did. Eventually that only worsened the condition. I went back to my GP and then got referred to Spire Elland which had very good availability. I came in for a consultation in no time at all.

“Dr Menon gave me the time to ask questions, which I appreciated as it meant I felt like I had a good understanding of the situation. He gave me full confidence that he would be able to fix my problem.

“All the nursing staff were very helpful! On the day everything ran smoothly and Dr Menon came to speak to me before the procedure to explain what would be happening. I was particularly impressed with the recovery area as the nurses engaged in a little conversation so I was never alone or isolated.

“My recovery at home was faster than I anticipated! The guidance I received from the hospital was great and within three days I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. At my follow up once again Dr Menon was very helpful explaining my condition and we discussed my pain to which I was happy to report was very little.

“I feel incredibly fortunate that since this treatment I have been able to live a pain-free life. I have been able to go back to my activities however I do take care not to be too ambitious because of my age! I’ve been able to get back to walking, gardening and I can go to concerts and sit comfortably for a long duration. Most importantly, I’ve got my independence back!

“My advice would be to speak to Dr Menon and ask questions. Get a good understanding of the procedure and then go ahead with confidence!”

Meet the consultant 

Dr Rajesh Menon is a Consultant Anaesthetist and Pain Management. Dr Menon is a great advocate in the holistic approach of pain management, one that focuses not only on pain relief, but also on the functional and emotional wellbeing of the patient. He believes in patient empowerment through patient education and believes clinical consultation to be a partnership based on effective communication and collaboration between the patient and the doctor.

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