Distance wasn’t an issue for Darren Brookshaw when it came to finding the correct consultant. Having had disappointing previous experiences, Mr Brookshaw travelled over 100 miles to come see Spire Elland consultant, Mr Parmjit Sian. 

“About four years ago I became aware of my symptoms. I started feeling weakness on my right side and it became worrying. Over time it began to get worse and after having an X-ray and MRI it became clear that I had degenerative scoliosis. Obviously, this made me very nervous at the time and I had no other options than to have surgery.

“I’d been to visit other private hospitals and I wasn’t too sure about my decision to go ahead with the procedure. I researched my options and I came across Mr Sian. I came to see him for consultation and he organised all the relevant scans for me. He found further issues which gave me confidence that he knew what he was doing.

“My overall hospital experience was good! I received all the guidance needed and everyone was helpful. After my procedure, I was relieved that I could get back to my normal routine, however, I was still slightly nervous because of my recovery. At home, my recovery went well. I didn’t rush things as instructed and I steadily progressed.

“At my follow up appointment I was told I was making amazing progress. Since then I feel great! I’m pain-free. I’m back to most activities, smashing the gym mainly but it’s just a relief not having any pain.”

“The best advice I could give is researching your consultant. It’s important to find someone you can really trust to deliver the best outcome.”

Meet the consultant

Mr Parmjit Sian is a consultant Orthopaedic surgeon specialising in spinal surgery. Mr Sian has a specific interest in the cervical spine, degenerative conditions and spinal tumours. Having undergone a travelling fellowship in America, he attended the John Hopkins University Hospital which allowed him to be trained in many different techniques for spinal surgery.

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