Wearing glasses was gradually becoming much harder for Mrs Holmes. After suffering a neck injury, wearing glasses became increasingly difficult. Because of this, Mrs Holmes came to see Dr Fayyaz Musa at Spire Elland Hospital.

“I’ve had to wear glasses for most tasks for the last 10 years. Year on year, my prescription has been getting stronger. When my neck injury occurred it was often difficult to get the ‘varifocal’ glasses perfect because of how I held my head.

“I did some research on what my options were, however a close friend of mine had informed me of a procedure that they had at a local Spire hospital. They had lens replacement treatment. Because of this, I evaluated my options and I could have mono-vision lenses or trifocal lenses. I decided on trifocal.

“When I had my initial consultation the procedure was explained to me. Dr Musa explained what the pros and cons were of the procedure and he had my vision tested onsite. I decided to go ahead with the procedure.

“Staff at Spire Elland Hospital were extremely friendly and supportive. Everyone did their utmost to put me at ease. The theatre staff, in particular, were exceptional.

“Since the operation, I feel completely fine - I’ve have had no problems at all. When I came back for my follow-up, my sight was tested again to which the eye nurse informed me that she hasn't seen such an amazing improvement for some times. I also received a close examination of my eyes.

“Because of my procedure, I no longer need to wear glasses. My eyesight has significantly improved over time! It’s the basic tasks like reading without glasses or driving without them which makes a difference.

“I would defiantly recommend this procedure to anyone. While the thought of it may be scary, the actual operation wasn’t at all. There was no feeling of pain or discomfort.”

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Dr Fayyaz Musa is a Consultant Ophthalmologist at Spire Elland Hospital. Having graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2000, Dr Musa has continued to develop his skills within the field of Ophthalmology, now being one of a handful of surgeons who is fellowship-trained in treating both corneal disorders and glaucoma.

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