Year after year, Keith McHenry’s eyesight was getting worse. After having a failed eye operation, Mr McHenry needed a senior consultant who could fix his problems. At this point, he came to visit Dr Fayyaz Musa at Spire Elland Hospital.

“It’s hard to remember when my eyesight started getting worse. It was a very slow deterioration that was recognised when I went for my regular eye checkups.

“When my opticians told me what was wrong with my eyes I was very worried. I had other health problems which were very serious and my eye problems added up on top of this. I followed my optician's advice and underwent treatment in Rochdale, however, this treatment failed. After this, I wanted to be referred to a senior consultant who could fix these issues.

“At this point, I read about Dr Musa online and all the great work he’s been doing at Spire Elland. I was very happy to put my care into his hands.

“At my initial consultation, Dr Musa assessed the scale of the operations needed on my eyes. Not only did I need left eye corrective surgery, but I also needed cataract surgery in my right eye. He used photographic evidence to show the issues with my eyes. His experience and knowledge gave me full confidence in his ability to perform both the corrective procedure and the cataract removal.

“My experience at Spire Elland was far more comfortable and rewarding than any other hospital I have visited. The team who carried out my operation were very professional and showed me every consideration, they made me feel like I was in safe hands. After my second operation, I was very relieved that Dr Musa was able to correct my failed operation.

“Following the procedure, Dr Musa came to see me and assured me that the operation was a success. At home, I continued to make a good recovery. I was provided with eye drops to ease any discomfort that I felt. Following my second procedure, Dr Musa used a ‘YAG laser’ to help clear up any leftover debris and the results were marvellous!

“Now I feel great! I now have great eyesight and very rarely have to use glasses. My eyesight contributed towards me feeling very depressed, however, I’m back to normal again. Finally, I can read my daily newspapers and do my crosswords again.

“I would highly recommend Dr Musa and all at Spire Elland. I will forever be grateful to him and his team for restoring my sight and enriching my life. Thank you, Dr Musa.”

Meet the consultant

Dr Fayyaz Musa is a Consultant Ophthalmologist at Spire Elland Hospital. Having graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2000, Dr Musa has continued to develop his skills within the field of Ophthalmology now being one of a handful of surgeons who is fellowship trained in treating both corneal disorders and glaucoma.

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