A person’s experience of pain is a very unique and personal thing, it can have an effect on everything from careers to personal relationships. Having suffered with debilitating pain in her face and head for 3 years, Julia found solace from her very first appointment with Dr Vladimir Gorelov.

“I first met Dr Gorelov over 7 years ago. I had been suffering with intense pain in my face and head for the previous 3 years, often being unable to speak, eat, smile or even touch my face.  Having no firm diagnosis, I was barely functioning on many strong medications which I feared I would be taking for the rest of my life. Dr Gorelov listened carefully to my story from the beginning and, in that very first appointment, I was confident I finally had a correct diagnosis. 

“Dr Gorelov offered me a treatment he thought would help, explaining everything honestly and allowing me the opportunity to ask questions. He spoke at length, giving me a realistic view of how pain management takes time and works differently with each person. After my first radio frequency ablation treatment, Dr Gorelov made time to see me more times than is standard to closely monitor my recovery as it was taking a little longer for me. I never felt rushed and was very reassured by this to keep going and give it time. I did fully recover and experienced 9 months free from pain. The difference that this made to my life cannot be fully described. My ability to concentrate, free from medications, enabled me to properly attend university to complete my law degree. I graduated the following year with a first-class honours degree and my dissertation was published. 

“Over the following years when the pain returned, Dr Gorelov performed a further two ablation treatments for me. Each time he arranged to see me as quickly as possible and explained how some adjustments would be made to see if the results could be improved. My second treatment gave me almost 18 months free from pain and my third treatment performed in October 2018 has kept me pain free to this very day, three years later. Each time I have received treatment I have always felt I could totally trust Dr Gorelov and his team. I have been very well cared for both as an in-patient and outpatient.

“I am infinitely grateful to Dr Gorelov, not just for giving me a diagnosis and treatment but for taking the time to really talk to me and involve me in my treatment decisions.  He tailored treatment to my needs, rather than just following a standard plan, and offered me improved options based upon his experience and ongoing research in pain management. Being pain free, even for a short time, can make a huge difference to one’s life. It gave me the energy to socialise, complete my education, get married and find a job I love. I could never have imagined these things to be possible before I met Dr Gorelov. 

“I am living proof that if you are as invested in your treatment as Dr Gorelov certainly will be, then the outcome could be better than you ever imagined possible!”

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