Some women have little or no concerns when it comes to their monthly menstrual cycle. However, other women can experience a range of emotional and physical symptoms.  It is important to understand that your cycle is unique to you, therefore we offer a bespoke service to meet the needs of our patients.

The menstrual cycle disorders service at Spire Cardiff Hospital is run by nine consultant gynaecologists with a specific interest in problems associated with periods such as irregular or heavy bleeding, pain, and premenstrual irritability. For a full list of these consultants, use the drop down box at the bottom of the page. 


Why do we have such a service?

If you suffer with any of these problems this dedicated service allows you to be seen by a consultant gynaecologist and have the appropriate investigations and often treatment started at your first clinic appointment. Any additional treatments or investigations that are opted for can also be discussed and booked at the same appointment.

How does the service run?

The consultant will take a medical history from you and then depending on this will suggest one or more ways of investigating the problem. The results of which will then be discussed with you and treatment options offered.

Investigations available

Medical treatments available

  • The mirena coil
  • HRT
  • Hormonal contraception
  • Temporary, medically induced menopause

Surgical treatments available

To book a consultation

To book an appointment, contact our out-patient appointment team on 029 2073 6011 or for more information on our gynaecology services call customer service on 029 2054 2509.

Gynaecologists with a special interest in menstrual disorders