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From pregnancy, childbirth and menopause - women’s bodies go through a lot. And a variety of health conditions can affect the female body and reproductive organs - such as painful fibroids, vaginal prolapse and cancer.

We offer a range of preventive and innovative treatment options for conditions that are specific to the needs of your body.

Why women’s health matters to you

A variety of health conditions can affect the female reproductive organs. Some of these prevent women starting a family without help (such as IVF) while others can lead to hysterectomy (removal of the womb). Regular checking of your breasts and breast and cervical screening can help reduce your risk of developing cancers that are among the leading causes of premature death for women. Breast cancer screening and cervical cancer screening are believed to save 1,300 and 4,500 lives a year respectively.

Why choose Spire for women’s health?

We offer a range of preventive and treatment options for conditions that affect the female reproductive organs and the breasts. Whether you have a gynaecological problem, are having fertility problems, or want some dietary advice, our team of healthcare professionals are here to help you. Prevention or early diagnosis is better than cure. That's why we offer a number of screening procedures and tests that can either diagnose these potentially serious conditions or assess the chances of you developing them. Treatments are also available for conditions related to the menstrual cycle and the menopause.

An experienced, expert team

Here at Spire Bushey hospital we provide access to specialist consultants, surgeons and nurses dedicated to female health issues.

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