Everything you need to know about prehabilitation

25 September 2017

Q. What is prehabilitation?

A. Prehabilitation is the exercise that occurs before an operation in order to be in the best physical condition before admission. It has been suggested that exercises performed before surgery help to improve recovery postoperatively. This incorporates multiple exercises, tailored to the individual, used to improve strength and general mobility.

Q. How will I benefit from prehabilitaiton?

A. Prehabilitation will give you the opportunity to best prepare yourself for your future surgery. It will give you the chance to improve your baseline level of function and strength which research has shown can lead to better outcomes afterwards. Prehabilitation will also allow for any questions to be asked and advice to be provided to the individual, so you feel more at ease and confident going into hospital. The physiotherapist who performs your ‘prehab’ will be the same member of the team to treat you post-surgery, helping to reduce any anxiety you may have coming into hospital.

Q. How many sessions of prehabilitation will I need?

A. The number of sessions required will depend on the individual. Some people may want more input than others. A single session would be enough for the appropriate advice, education and practice of exercises to be achieved. Some people may prefer regular sessions with the physiotherapist to ensure that they are making maximal progress. Generally between one and four sessions are required for you to feel confident to continue without our help.

Q. Can prehabilitation be performed at home or only at hospital?

A. Your tailored program will be taught to you in the hospital but to give you the most benefit, the exercises will need to be practised regularly. Prehabilitation can be performed anywhere – at home, work or even when waiting at a bus stop. Some of the exercises will require a support or a bed for example to lie on, but others will be completed in sitting or standing positions, making it easier to add into ones normal daily routine.

Q. How much does a session of prehabilitaiton cost?

A.Your initial session of prehabilitaiton will cost £61.50* and any additional sessions you wish to book are charged at the standard rate of a physiotherapy follow up appointment.


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*Prices correct at September 2017.

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