Heart treatments

At Spire Manchester Hospital we have a comprehensive cardiology service for both insured and self-funding patients.

The heart is the engine of our bodies, pumping nutrient and oxygen rich blood to every cell. The constant demands we make on it can lead to disease. We offer a range of procedures and have dedicated, specialist cardiology teams to help keep your heart running as it should.

Ablation of arrhythmia

Uses radio frequency energy to correct an abnormal heart rhythm.

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Blood pressure test

Measuring the pressure inside your arteries as your heart pumps blood.

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Blood tests for heart disease risk (cardiac testing)

A simple test to assess your heart health.

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Cardiac CT scan (heart CT)

Checks your heart using a CT scanner to investigate cardiac conditions.

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Cardiac electrophysiology

Heart rhythm problems come in a variety of forms and treatments vary.

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Cardiac MRI scan (heart MRI)

Detailed pictures of your heart using magnetic resonance imaging.

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Cardiomemo recording

Non-invasive way of monitoring your heart with a specialist device.

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Cholesterol level test

Check your level of risk in developing a range of health problems.

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Contrast echocardiogram

A type of scan using sound waves to diagnose any heart problems.

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Dobutamine stress echo cardiogram

Cardiac ultrasound scan to assess the response of your heart to stress.

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Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Measures the electrical activity of your heart to detect abnormalities.

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Electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring or event recorder

Tracks your heart's electrical activity and rhythm over a period of time.

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Exercise electrocardiogram (ECG)

Measures your blood pressure and heart’s response to exercise.

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Pacemaker implantation

A common procedure which helps regulate your heartbeat.

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Stress electrocardiogram

Tests how your heart reacts when you’re physically exerting yourself.

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Why choose Spire Manchester Hospital for your heart treatment?

At Spire Manchester Hospital we have a comprehensive cardiology service for both insured and self-funding patients. We offer a full range of diagnostic tests including ECG, exercise stress test, echocardiography and stress echocardiography, ECG event recording, 24 hour blood pressure ambulatory monitoring, CT angiography and cardiac CT and MRI scans.

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