Men's health

Expert advice and treatments dedicated to men of all ages.

At Spire Healthcare, we have a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to providing specialist care for men with prostate, penile, testicular and bladder problems. This may include problems such as difficulty with fertility, erections, prostate cancer and prostate disease, testicular lumps and other male specific conditions.

Benign prostate treatments

As men age, they may urinate more frequently and dribble urine.

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Bladder lesion removal

Removal of abnormal growths on the bladder lining.

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Bladder investigations (cystoscopy)

A long thin tube looks inside your bladder to check for problems.

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Surgical removal of the foreskin for medical reasons.

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ED-1000 for erectile dysfunction

Uses shockwaves to stimulate blood flow to the penis.

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Epididymal cysts removal

Removal of cysts in the tubes at the top of the testicles.

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Hydrocele surgery

Surgical removal of a swelling around the testicles.

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Kidney stones treatment

Relatively straightforward treatment to remove painful stones from urine.

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Male breast reduction surgery (gynaecomastia)

Removes excess breast tissue, fat and sagging skin sometimes found on men.

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Microsurgical vasectomy reversal

Micro surgery to give men a chance of restoring their fertility.

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Prostate surgery and laser prostate surgery

Treatment to reduce an enlarged prostate that is causing problems.

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Removal of the prostate gland to help fight cancer.

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Testicular implants

Helps to give your scrotum a normal look.

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Urinary slings and sphincters

Treatments for stress urinary incontinence in men.

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A test to help investigate bladder problems.

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Permanent contraception for men, cutting off supply of sperm to the penis.

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Vasectomy reversal

Surgery to give men a chance of restoring their fertility.

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Our consultant urologists

Meet the consultants who are part of our expert team here at Spire Manchester Hospital.

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Why men’s health matters to you

Some men find it difficult to make the first move and visit the GP, but we’re here to help with a range of treatments to help keep you healthy and enjoying the life you love.

Many men have concerns about urinary and prostate health, groin pain or sexual function. Some may find these concerns difficult to discuss or find a visit to their doctor unsettling, so in most cases we are able to offer direct access to expert advice and reassurance.

We provide an accessible and efficient service in discrete surroundings, ensuring a comfortable environment for all.

Why choose Spire Manchester Hospital for men’s health?

We have a number of specialist consultants offering a range of men's health treatments, such as prostate surgery and microsurgical vasectomy reversal, to men of all ages.

We offer ED1000, a non-invasive, innovative treatment for erectile dysfunction, utilising shockwave therapy as a pain-free method for long-term benefits.

Regardless of the service or treatment you need, you can be sure of receiving: excellent quality care, fast track diagnosis, a comprehensive range of urological services, access to specialist consultants, advice and support at every stage, all in in the comfort of a private hospital.