International Nurses Day Q&A

12 May 2017

It's International Nurses Day!

Here at Spire Manchester Hospital we are celebrating International Nurses Day and our Lead Paediatric Nurse, Emma Newall, has answered some of our questions about her role.

What made you want to be a nurse?
From being a little girl I always enjoyed playing nurses with my friends. I believe I am a very caring person and when looking back a few years ago through my old school reports I wrote in year 7 "when I leave school I want to be a nurse" so I suppose it’s just always been my first choice career.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?
I love the interaction with the children and the parents, I enjoy being able to play and distract the children and make both them and the anxious parents feel more at ease. I like to see what impact my care has on the patients journey and recovery- very rewarding!

Why did you choose to specialise in paediatrics?
I never had any doubt in my mind it was always going to be children’s nursing, that way you get to care for the whole family!

What would you have done if you weren’t a nurse?
I can’t imagine myself in any other profession! Maybe television or drama.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Spire Manchester?
I love the culture and team ethic. I have never worked in such an organisation, the patient really is at the heart of all we do!

If nobody was looking which toy would you play with in the playroom?
It’s got to be the sensory corner I just love switching the colours and watching the bubbles, I find it so relaxing and therapeutic! I don’t even mind if someone is looking!

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