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Displaying 10 of 32 results
Displaying 10 of 32 results

“I am truly grateful to Spire Cheshire Hospital for being prepared to take a chance on me and filling me with so much trust, confidence and professionalism from the very beginning to the end of my care. I first came to see you in February 2017 to see if it was possible to have lens replacement surgery. From the very beginning my consultant was very informative, explaining due to my poor eyesight +13 and small eyes this could be a very dangerous operation as there hadn't been many lens replacements in adults with eyes like mine. Even with all the risks explained, you made me feel at ease and confident throughout both operations and the fact that you were willing to take a chance on me - words cannot thank you enough. Before my surgery in March 2017 my eyes were +13, I have just had an eye test in April 2017 and my eyesight is now perfect for distance and +2 for reading. Once again words cannot describe my gratitude and admiration for your genius in changing my whole life.”

Lens replacement surgery - Mr Bregu

It’s now three months since I had the procedure and I have no regrets, my visits to the toilet are back to normal and I am now getting a good night’s sleep.

“I cannot praise Mr Samsudin and the staff at the Spire Cheshire enough for their professional approach and the way I have been treated. ”


I am now 6 months on from the operation. It has changed my life!

“It has changed my life completely!. Mr Pradhan, the nursing staff and all the team at Spire Cheshire looked after me so well- I could not fault their care. ”

“Spire Cheshire has obviously invested in their staff. As everyone here has been exceptional in their care and they obviously love working here, which most certainly shows. ”


“From the receptionist on the front desk, to the nurses, doctors, consultants; everyone cares. 5* treatment!”


“I felt reassured, safe and comfortable from the moment I arrived. Everyone was so patient and caring. I cannot thank you all enough.”


“Allison was excellent explaining everything, answering questions and accommodating me prior to her work day when she was fully booked. Definitely recommend her to others.”


“I have found Allison in the physiotherapy department to be fantastic throughout all elements of my treatment and would not hesitate to revisit her should I need to. ”


“Without a doubt I would recommend physiotherapy at Spire Cheshire. I feel my progress was greatly enhanced by the effort my physiotherapist put into my recuperation.”


“" We have been in Florida for five weeks now and we are both walking on the beach every morning with our new knee and hip. Thank you so much for your help " Mr and Mrs G”

Mr and Mrs G

Displaying 10 of 32 results
Displaying 10 of 32 results