Back Pain Clinics

If you are suffering with severe back pain we are ready and waiting to help you.

Back pain can be completely debilitating and affect every aspect of your daily life.

If you are suffering with severe back pain our consultant spinal surgeons are ready and waiting to help you.

From physiotherapy to surgery our experts can treat a wide range of problems and our services are open to everyone. For those without private medical insurance we offer self-pay prices agreed in advance.

Call us today on 01925 265 000  to make an appointment.

About your back

Your spine is made up of bones called vertebrae, which are essentially the building blocks of your back. These bones are cushioned by discs of tissue which act as shock absorbers.

Your spinal cord runs through a channel in the spine, and it is here where nerves branch off to the rest of the body.

Occasionally though, these nerves can become compressed and create pressure which can be very painful.

What is back surgery?

When one or more nerves in your spine are put under pressure they can cause pain; back surgery is usually performed to relieve some of this pressure. The type of back surgery recommended will depend on your individual needs and the source of the pain.

At Spire Cheshire Hospital you can benefit from rapid access to an expert team of highly trained orthopaedic surgeons, pain physicians, rheumatologists, radiologists and physiotherapists who will provide you with the highest quality of personalised care whatever your needs.

Paying for your own back or spinal treatment?

Our back pain clinics are open to everyone

For those without private medical insurance we offer self pay prices agreed in advance.

For more information or a guide price please call 01925 215 029 or complete our enquiry form.

Our consultant spinal surgeons

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We have regular clinics to suit most diaries so please call us to discuss availability. Accessing our hospital is quick and easy. Most patients are referred to us by their GP, but you can also book an out-patient appointment by contacting us on 01925 265 000.

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